Microsoft Azure strives to beat the competition{2}

by Willen L
In this article the author talks about Microsoft Azure Database, Microsoft’s cloud database, and how it is transforming to be more like SQL server by having features that you will find only in SQL servers. He states that Microsoft is trying to gain on the race against Amazon and Google and one way to attempt this is by making SQL Azure function more like SQL server that is onsite. The changes will allow developers to work with Azure without learning the extras that make it different from SQL Server. Also, Microsoft has many other changes they would like to implement; there is Azure Datasynch that will let SQL Azure be synchronized with tables in SQL Server. This allows whole databases to be synchronized. There is also Azure’s caching service; this allows Microsoft to cache frequently used data and business logic for faster operations. One last thing Azure wants to change is to enable users to control virtual machines that are sent to the cloud that let end users set policies to control the operation of the VM in azure.

I thought this article was interesting because I recently found an article about Microsoft Azure leading the way in terms of speed of response compared to different cloud services out there and was wondering what Microsoft was doing to obtain that speed. These changes are probably not the whole story but I find it interesting how Microsoft is approaching cloud databases it’s much different than the traditional style like the way amazon does it. When I first read about Azure it was confusing for me. Even now I don’t really understand it so this is definitely a different approach that Microsoft has come up with and I find it interesting to see how cloud databases are going to evolve in the near future.

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