Microsoft Believes That Bing Can Now Compete With Google{2}

by Hoyoung C
In this article, Microsoft believes that the search engine Bing is now as good as Google. For the past few years, Google has been the leading search engine. Google uses a platform called Caffeine. It was designed by Google itself, and it dominated the web because of its ability to quickly index links. The use of MapReduce was so successful that other similar ones such as Hadoop were made. But now, according to Harry Shum, Microsoft’s Bing is now as good as Google’s Caffeine on the technical side. Although Google still dominates with 90% of the marketshare, he believes that Bing will be able to catch up in the future. Bing uses a platform called Cosmos, and the company can update Bing’s search index at a speed close to realtime. Google’s Caffeine can add content from new sites and blogs within a few seconds. MapReduce is used to input large amounts of data. It maps the tasks across the servers before reducing the results. But now Google stops using MapReduce, but instead uses BigTable, which is a distributed database that is developed by Google itself. This database programming tool which is created by Google, allows the company to change the index without having to rebuild it whenever changes are needed.


I think that this is an interesting article; since Microsoft came up with a search engine platform that can compete with Google’s at a technical level, Google would finally have a competitor in the market. Although Google currently has 90% of the marketshare, since Bing is now as good as Google, it could make a difference. Google is known for the organization of the stored files, but now Bing supposedly has a search index that is as good as Google’s. There is Hadoop, which is similar to MapReduce, and companies such as yahoo decided to go with Hadoop because what Google did was too expensive for them. But what Microsoft decided to do was use their own framework called Dryad, and it is known to be much better than Hadoop. So this is why Microsoft says they are now able to compete with Google, and Microsoft says they are going to continue to invest in their own platforms and create ones such as Cosmos. Since Google now has a strong competitor in the market, I feel that they will both be a driving force for each other to come up with better ides and better technology, either to maintain the marketshare or to catch up in the market.



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