Microsoft Plans to Reduce Carbon Footprint!

by Joshua L
The article I read for this week was about microsoft’s pledge to reduce their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral starting July 1. The COO of Microsoft said that they are doing this to cut back on emissions and for emissions not eliminated through efficiency measures, Microsoft will purchase renewable energy and carbon offsets. Microsoft is even setting up a system of internal incentives to help drive the Microsoft’s ambitions.

This article was refreshing to read because it inspires awareness toward the green movement. I like when big companies strive for good things and not just the profitable things. Becoming a green company is not always an easy thing to do either, especially when you are huge like Microsoft.

This article relates to class because it is regarding Microsoft, which is the company that provides our school with the software we need to do our projects for class and drives the business world we are all going to have careers in.

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