Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 11

by Jim J
Microsoft has recently released details regarding its new Visual Studio 11. The free, express version of Visual Studio 11 will no longer support open-source software development, the free version will only be able to be used to develop metro-styled applications. In order to develop other software, programmers would need to buy the professional version which is $499+. However, Microsoft will continue to support the older version, Visual Studio 10, however the latest version will be more standards compliant.

This strategic move from Microsoft reflects the growing threats of open-source software and making this move helps to ensure the position of Visual Studio as the go-to program for developing software. In addition, Microsoft will be able to standardize the look for future applications and this move sets precedent for future Windows operating systems in creating an overall look similar to applications in the Mac environment.

Visual Studio is used often in big companies in developing software and connecting to databases. In the past week we went over the programs and structures used in developing systems for companies and steps industry giants like Microsoft do like limiting the power of open source development can spark future retaliation from the open source company.


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  • May 28, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    I’ve had a bit of experience using Microsoft Visual Studios when I was learning the basics of C#, and it was quite a nice program to have. Not only does it fill out a lot of code for you, it makes creating the GUI a snap. Sadly the pricetag here will keep me away from the standard version of the product.

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