Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 Update

by Hoyoung C
In this article, it says that this will be the first major update sine the update on SQL Server 2008 R2 in 2010. According to Doug Leland, the Microsoft general manager of the business platform marketing group, SQL Server 2012 is “a modern data platform that embraces the world of traditional structured data and brings in the world of unstructured big data”. The software is designed so that it can keep up with the customer’s change. In this update, the three major upgrades are the mission-critical readiness, business intelligence tools, and the cloud computing with a better compatibility. The SQL Server is also being used as a tool for helping organizations analyze big data. It uses Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services as an analytics query engine. They also said that the Analysis Services queries billions of rows under 10 seconds, and it allows the users to iterate and test a large number of scenarios in a short time.


The article did not describe in detail on how the new version is designed to evolve along with the customer’s needs, but it sounds like it is designed in a way that it can be easily customized. One of the tools that the article talked about was Hadoop. It says that they modified SQL Server 2012 so that it would work with the tool Hadoop. Hadoop is a software framework that lets applications work with multiple computers. The users can also access Hadoop through windows server 8. The article also mentioned that they use Analysis Services  because Hadoop lacks the speed to process the queries. What I think is a good idea is that Microsoft held an online tutorial, in order to get the users used to the new SQL Server2012 so that they would feel more comfortable with it and purchase it.


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