Monetary Cost-Aware Checkpointing and Migration on Amazon Cloud Spot Instances{1}

by Kyaw T
The vision of computing as a utility has reached new height with the recent advent of Cloud Computing. Computer and storage resources can allocated and deallocated almost instantly and transparently on an as-need basic. Recently introduced spot instances in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offer low resource costs in exchange for reduced reliability; these instances can be revoked abruptly due to price and demand fluctuations. Mechanisms and tools that deal with the cost-reliability trade-offs under this schema are of great value for users seeking to lessen their costs while maintaining high reliability. Pricing the resource also resembles a utility, and resource price can differ in two ways. First, price can differ by vendor. For example, the growing number of Cloud Computing vendors has created a low cost market with cheap pricing models for cost-cutting, resources hungry users. Second, price can be differ based on current demand and supply in market-based resource management system. By lowering the price at the low demand, data server operators can increase the server utilization and overall profitability.  These system has been used by data center providers such as Google and Amazon.Amazon, one of the biggest data center provider charge the price of  $0.15 for 1GB-month storage service which is lower than the price of computing during one month for their EC2 service.  By using the Amazon EC2’s spot instances for resource provisioning, a lot of companies can reduce both monetary cost and task completion time of computing


In my opinion, companies and small business can take advantage of using Amazon EC2 service for low cost and task completing. Although it seems less reliable than using Microsoft based Cloud server, it is definitely cheap to use Amazon EC2. Also, it do not have many restrictions like Microsoft since they announced on last Thursday that everyone who want to work with Microsoft need to obey it’s Vendor Code of Conduct. Cheap price and having not many restriction can benefit the small business or those who just want to start their business. But if you want faster, better and more reliable cloud server, you should definitely go to the Microsoft.


Yi, S., Andrzeja, A., & Kondo, D. (2011). Monetary cost-aware checkpointing and migration on amazon cloud spot instances.PP(99), 14. doi: 10.1109/TSC.2011.44