More attractive and portable databases

by Ricardo C
This article is about the integration of database softwares to portable devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. More people are using these devices for work purposes, so applications for these devices must be developed. One of the applications that jumped into this is FileMaker. As the company claimed, this application starts a “new era of databases, empowering users to create stunning customer database apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the Web.” FileMaker is heavily focus on media implementation on databases; making the database more enjoyable for the user. FileMaker claims that with this application database creating is easy to do since it improves chart visuals, reporting and file searching features. FileMaker also provides the user with different themes for their database giving them a fresh look. As far as the multimedia integration, FileMaker enhanced the database with support of drag-and-drop files to store such as PDFs, video, photos, audio, and documents. The application will also manage linked files and organize them on the disk and even encrypt them for extra security. With its iPhone and iPad integration, users can now record video and audio directly into container fields and they can share it with other clients.
According to IT and facility manager James Pierson, Rampart Hydro Services, “The use of FileMaker Go 12 enables us to get timely and consistent data from the field eliminating the hodgepodge of spreadsheets, hard-copy forms, and the odd flap torn off an old cardboard box. I love the idea of FileMaker Go specific script steps, making it easier to take advantage of the growing capabilities of iOS.”

I think that the way people work on their computers has changed since the introduction of smartphones and tablets and people are getting used to be on the go instead of a desktop computer. The integration of database application for these mobile devices is convenient for a large group of users. Another point that FileMaker covers is the ease of its database interface. Users may get intimidated with the difficulty of using databases, and FileMaker is creating an easy way to use databases. The users need a more attractive interface and more interactive way to work with databases, and I believe that the way FileMaker is doing this is the future of databases. I personally use my smartphone a lot and sometimes I work on my projects and school work on it; by having an application that would make my work more attractive and easier is a great aid to increase productivity.

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5 thoughts on “More attractive and portable databases”

  1. I actually never heard of an Ipad being used as a portable database even though that makes perfect sense. Despite any security claims however, I would be nervous to use this service unless it was for a small section of the database or to update from a mobile location. I tend to not trust security using wireless or smartphone devices. Pretty cool and useful idea though.

  2. I think with the 3G or 4G service, it is actually more safe, because we are directly connected to the network. On the other hand, I personally think it will be a big hassle to integrate database onto a smartphone or tablets, especially an i device. I used an iPod touch before, and I didn’t really like it because everything has to go through iTune which bothered me. I devices seems to always have their on way of formatting everything, so I’m guessing it would take a lot of work to integrate the right format onto those devices. Smartphones and tablets have very limited storage space, so it would not be a smart thing to have a database on these devices. But, it can probably be a lot more green than having a server up running 24/7 theoretically.

  3. I too wrote about FileMaker 12, and think it’s definitely the start of something ground breaking. The idea that we’re able to take our work with us wherever we go, be it USB, cloud computing, and even this application, is where we’re headed and its important that other companies realize this now. Even though this program looks awesome at first glance, I’m not a really big fan of Apple products, so I really hope other companies catch on.

  4. I don’t use Apple products either, but this application looks interesting and potentially useful if other companies are interested. I can see how storage might be an issue; smartphones and tablets can only hold so much data. I would be selective about what kind of information to store in such a database though. Wireless security is still an issue, even with devices such as smartphones.

  5. That is really cool. I think people would like this method more because everyone is so used to being on-the-go. It also seems really easy to use so this will attract people, especially those who have no database experience.

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