More Jobs from Cloud Computing{4}

by Alexander H
The ecosystem of jobs in the tech industry has consistently changed in order to keep up with growing technology. A recent article by Ingrid Lunden titled “Apple Makes 500k Jobs? Cloud Services Could Help Make 14 Million, With Half in China and India” outlines the possibility of “14 million jobs worldwide by 2015” with the expansion of cloud computing services. These figures are derived from research done by Microsoft and the IDC after Apple announced that they had created 500,000 jobs in the U.S. through the various links that the “ecosystem it has created”. The bulk of the new jobs will be related to the cloud computing industry and according to the IDC, there will be an “equal split” between small and large businesses. This growth is predicted to be most prevalent in developing countries, such as China and India, which follows the trend of IT outsourcing.

As college students who will be entering the technical workforce within a couple years, it is important to understand the changing climate of the tech industry. There has been a growing concern for many technical experts in the U.S. due to the fact that many companies have been outsourcing various tech based jobs, such as IT, to other countries. Although Microsoft projects an increase in jobs in cloud computing services, it is important to note that the IDC predicts that these jobs will be following the trend of IT services and make their way into developing countries. As discussed in class, advancements in telecommunications have enabled the control of applications and troubleshooting systems through remote assistance. This broad distance can span across oceans and justifies why outsourcing is more prevalent. Cloud computing broadens the scope of application development and communication to a worldwide scale and students should be aware that technical skills alone will not guarantee a job coming out of college.

I have worked in IT before and have learned first-hand that most of my work orders for computer issues could be completed over the phone with simple guided instructions. The idea of outsourcing this breakthrough technology of cloud computing before it even gets a chance to flourish is an indicator that we should focus on elements of work that make us competitive in the tech industry. Such benefits as strong people skills and the ability to work well in groups will give you the upper hand in many companies. It is important to note that the research done by the IDC and Microsoft are simply predictions. Some complications can arise where the outsourcing of cloud computing may become too costly and can trickle back down to the states. Whatever the case may be, students need to prepare now while they have the chance to grow and maintain their competitive edge.



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