More Than 50,000 Accounts Have Been Hacked from{3}

by Tseng H. K.
The article I read this week is “Hacker claims breach of 50,000 accounts from Wall Street IT recruiting firm” by Jaikumar Vijayan. On July 18 2012, a hacker named Masakaki who’s a member of a group called TeamGhostShell hacked into is a website for who are seeking IT jobs in Wall Street firms. The hacker breached into resume database and snipped out more then 50,000 accouts with highly detailed data including person’s userID, name, phone number, address, and email.The list contains most of the major Wall Street firms including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and etc. Interest fact I found from article was that candidates have ranged from 40,000 to 400,000 for their salary. And everyone from entry-level junior developer to senior technology executives.

In the class, we have discussed about data securities and I have seen many students in our class posted about data security related article many times. People used flat file format in old ages, but we changed to database mainly because security issue (and better performance). I believe we are going to learn more about data securities in later chapters.

This article shows how important database security is, more than 50,000 people’s private data leaked by a one hacker. The article has briefly mentioned around 3,000 resume has already been out there to be traded in black market. If I was one of the candidates, I would be very worried about someone steals my private information.

Jaikumar, V (July 18,2012) Hacker claims breach of 50,000 accounts from Wall Street IT recruiting firm