MySQL competes with Microsoft SQL{Comments Off on MySQL competes with Microsoft SQL}

by David G
Oracle is showcasing an event to upstage Microsoft’s competing software. MySQL was acquired by Oracle through Sun Microsystems and Oracle has always had MySQL as the competing rival of SQL Server by Microsoft. There hope is to claim new attention by offering a cheaper alternative that is just as good if not better than SQL Server. SonicWall a security vendor is also speaking on the advantages over SQL Server and why they chose MySQL over it. Microsoft was not available for comment. It’s claim is that it can offer up to 90 percent cost savings over SQL Server along with blazing performance. Oracle also faces other challenges as well. There are other SQL companies like SkySQL which offer support services for their database. Their is also those companies that are all ready fully committed to the whole Microsoft package of software including SQL Server. Most people believe that the majority will still not change and instead stick to Microsofts products.

This is an interesting concept because Oracle makes their own database software and also has MySQL. The notion is that small companies use MySQL while the big dogs use Oracle Standard Edition and SQL Server by Microsoft. I guess they are trying to erase that perception and prove to the world that My SQL is here to stay and compete with the big dogs. I know that microsoft based companies are more reluctant and less interested in these rival companies and their software because they will stay faithful to their platform. You can see that this is Oracles way of throwing a big ad party and showcasing the “we are just as good if not better than you attitude”. I mean come on they have SonicWall security company praising them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if they worked out a discount for publicly speaking on Oracle’s behalf.

Another thing that is interesting is that their costs aren’t totally legit. They can say they are cheaper but their are many other factors to consider beside costs. You need people to train under such new software and you have startup installation costs and other fees. It isn’t just pay and go. I do however like that there are companies that will try to take a nudge at the king of the business world, which is Microsoft right now. They are slowly chiseling away at the top dog and who knows maybe someday they will have just as much market share as Microsoft.

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