MySQL Memory Use Lessed with Percona Engine{1}

by Robert D
Percona, a popular provider of independent SQL services, has recently announced a new version for their software. This new version entails a shift from disk-written processes to in-server processes. This means a small reduction in the use of RAM–a must for larger databases. Percona’s shift to server services has been due to the resulting increased reliability and reduced size of databases. While this version update isn’t very important for the average database, businesses that rely on databases will see a big change in their large databases.


MySQL has always been bulky. It’s nice to see when its processes are streamlined; I’ve had countless numbers of databases crash on me on the user end, because the SQL processes simply took up too much memory. Thinner databases are always more reliable, and therefore, more effective at meeting the needs of the user.

It’s important to note that, in the article cited, it’s mentioned that some users will see the use of memory halve due to changes in data types used. These are mostly by the discretion of the administrator, though, so it isn’t necessarily true. A streamlined database will probably not see such big changes.

Jackson, Joab. “Percona Curbs MySQL Memory Hunger.” PCWorld.