MySQL Will Have Two Conferences In 2012{1}

by David A
Oracle has announced on Thursday that the open-source database management system MySQL will have user-focused event conference Sept. 29 and 30 in San Francisco. In addition Percona will also hold an event next Tuesday in Santa Clara known as the Percona Live MySQL Conference. This is great news for users and developers of the application, because O’Reilly which hosted the last two annual events had decided not to host anymore. Percona’s event will be jam packed with technical presentations, review of user case studies and will have Marten Mickos the CEO of MySQL as the key note speaker. Oracle’s event will provide technology road maps and a chance to talk with Oracle engineers working on MySQL. Both conferences are going to be great, but many believe that most companies will pay to send their administrators to only one, so it would be nice to have Oracle and Percona combine and provide a joint event in the future. Yet, it is nice to see that MySQL is getting so much attention.

Even though this article was only about future conference of a database management system, I felt that it was important for me to talk about it. MySQL is an open-source database management system, which means that it is free. Since open-source applications are more of a community driven technology, it is difficult to find support. Two years ago, Oracle droped their support for the conference in April, so it is nice to see that they are showing interest again, especially since O’Reilly stopped its support after last year’s event.

We briefly spoke about MySQL in class, only to learn that it is an open-source application. I was not aware that a open-source database management application existed. The two popular open-source applications that I knew about ware Java, and Linux. Judging on a business standpoint, I always wondered how these companies make money if their software is free. I have the same curiosity regarding the conferences that are organized that revolve around open-source software, and how they make money.

Source: Jackson, Joab. (2012, April 5). MySQL Now Has Two User Conferences. PCWorld. Retrieved April 8, 2012 from