Netflix uses NoSQL as Demand Grows{1}

by Ahlyzik M

As Netflix slowly takes over the online video market, there needs to be some type in-house redesign in their back-end infrastructure to accommodate for this demand. The company intends to do so by implementing a NoSQL style of architecture for a number of reasons. Yury Izrailevsky, Netflix’s Director of Cloud and Systems Infrastructure, stated that one of the main factors of choosing this style of database is because they best suit the use cases with those of Netflix. With the new infrastructure, there will be 3 different databases that handle each use case that Netflix has. This will in turn allow the user to have a better experience when using Netflix’s product.


Netflix’s decision to redesign their database architecture is a great strategic move in regards to the long-term growth of the company. Since the demand of their Video-On-Demand service has been increasing for the past couple of quarters, the notion to increase the fidelity of the backbone. As the number of requests increases on the current server and database structure, the capacity to handle the sheer amount of user decreases which will ultimately result in an unsavory customer experience. This is the last issue that Netflix needs considering that their branding is growing at a fast rate.

Considering that this NoSQL approach is being used, I wonder what the ramifications will be throughout the Video-On-Demand market. The style of architecture may be different considering that the competitors business model may be different as well as their style of distribution. For example, Apples Apple TV is something would require a similar architecture simply because they are offering video as well. Ultimately, I think this will be a great move for Netflix, considering that their brand and demand are growing at an ever increasing rate.


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