Network database security

by Robert Q
The article title “The Security Mechanism of Network Database”, covers most of the application that can be apply to protect network database. Some of the network threats that are listed in the article include, but not limited to, Replay, Trapdoor, Deny of Service or Modification of message. Such threats can be harmful to any network database that is affect by these viruses.  The author notes that administrator have to develop C2-level security standard to protect the network database. C2-level security standard is just another layer of security added on to the other 2 layers of security. Others ways to protect the network database that the author mentions is to have password tactics, audit tactics, encrypted data etc.  Planning during the system design processes can only get rid of some of the threats, only through consists improvement of the security in the database can an administrator protect the network database.

The author of this article makes a lot of good points in the nature of what administrator have to do to better the security of their network database. I can see now that a network administrator cannot plan for every threat that can happen to their database. It is on the administrator to continually update the database to protect against all threats that can happen. Even if the author list the most common threats there are other threats that can affect the network database.

Feng, Tie. (2011). The security mechanism of network database. In Third International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation (3 ed. pp. 939-940).

3 thoughts on “Network database security”

  1. I agree with you on the fact that one has to always be vigilant about the security of the database. Many sensitive information are stored in it. I did not knew about C2- level security, until i read your article. I share the same concerns as you. Good article

  2. The thing about protecting a database or anything that has access to the internet is that you can never be 100% secured. I appreciate the C2-level security and it definitely brings more peace of mind. The fact that they have all of those tactics such as having encrypted data, or constantly changing passwords shows that the administrators know what they’re doing.

  3. I also have concerns dealing with security on a network database. Like Edwin mentioned, as long as there is an internet connection, there are always vulnerabilities. Adding another layer of security is another good step in protecting the database, and it never hurts to have good tactics and encryption as mentioned in the article.

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