New Cloud Database Options From’s Heroku{3}

by Ronny W
Cloud service is something that is growing rapidly right now. Company are trying to provide better cloud base service. Cloud database is something that is slowly being integrated by company of different sizes. “’s Heroku division this week rolled out two entry-level tiers for its Postgres-based cloud database service, hoping to cater to applications with lower data-volume requirements as well as helping startup developers make an easier jump into production.” (Kanaracus, 2012) One of the service cost $50 per month with a 400MB RAM cache. The other service cost $00 per month and it has 800MB RAM cache. They both include same array features, but the one that cost more have some more feature to get system back up quickly if it were to go down. They have more services but it is just not a feasible for small businesses because of the monthly cost. As business go onto cloud more, they need more RAM cache instead of storage space. It helps them access cloud apps faster.

As more and more data goes in the cloud, it takes more time to retrieve what is needed. The accessibility of data is really important. On top of that, the availability of the data is also really important. While we live in the age where we strive to have everything fast. We want everything to be done in a blink of an eye or else we lose patience and move onto something else. It is really important to have our cloud data as fast and as complete as possible without corruption or system failure.

I think the cost of this service is a bit high for start up business. Enough though they say the service is for start up business, but spending $50 or $100 a month on cloud database is just not something that is going to be work. I think there are more free services or services that are at lower cost for start up businesses. I don’t know how much RAM cache will make a different in these cloud service, but the most important thing for these service is to have our cloud data accessible and available.

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