New, Free, Service to tell you whether or not your Email has been compromised{Comments Off on New, Free, Service to tell you whether or not your Email has been compromised}

by Taylor G

Have you ever wondered if there was someone who can look at your Email, or whether someone has your user information?  Now there is a service that will give you your answer for free.  This new service is called Pwnedlist.  When you visit their website all you type in is your username or Email address.  Once you enter your information you will either get good news or bad news.  If you get good news that means your username/Email address isn’t in their database and vice versa.  So how this service works is they harvest all the compromised information in cyberspace.  To prove how unsecured the internet is, they were able to gather 30,000 complete login information for users in less than 2 hours.  Now you’re thinking, well they have your information now too.  The only thing that Pwnedlist keeps is either your username or your email list.  Everything else is dumped, including the information you type into the site.  Although they keep the IP addresses of the users that access the website.


I think this service is something that is needed in this day and age, where any information we type into our computers can be accessed.  I find that it is troubling sometimes finding out that people are constantly getting attacked by identity fraud or people using their credit card information to buy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.  I guess you can say that this service provides some sort of reassurance that you can know whether or not the information you post online is secure and visible to only those who you wish to see it.  I personally tried entering my Email address and found out that it was secure, but I would also like to know what it feels like to receive the news that you have been compromised because I feel that you are better prepared for an incident.  Now the databases used in this service seems pretty simple, but the fact is that they are needed and when someone types their username and or email into their website, the database is needed to check for that information.



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