New MySQL Migration Tool!{2}

The Article I decided to write about this week is called “Oracle Hopes to Poach Microsoft SQL Server Users with MySQL Migration Tool,” Which was written on July 25, 2012 by Chris Karnarcus.  The article basically talks about how Oracle is going after users of Microsoft SQL Server to try and convert them to their own MySQL database. This tool has been build into MySQL’s workbench administration console and allows easy tweaking. They are also releasing an improved version of MySQL which has the look and feel of Microsoft’s SQL, plus they are adding a plugin that allows inexperienced users to work with MySQL data while they are inside of Microsoft Excel. Database migration programs are very common and are pretty much known as a tradition in the software industry. Furthermore Platform vendors usually try to increase their database penetration into corporate IT shops, license revenues, open-source MySQL, and support subscription contracts. When it comes to Software Technology, Their role gives these vendors a greater opportunity to cross-sell middleware, compatible applications and other tools. They are yet to discuss more about their new migration tool because in most cases people wouldn’t necessarily prefer to migrate.

Although we didn’t necessarily have time to go over much in class this week due to the midterm and the project introduction I chose to do this article because it was relevant to SQL. After reading part of chapter 6 in the book it seemed only fit to do a blog that had something to do with SQL. We are also using Microsoft SQL for our second project although I do not believe we will be doing any migrating it’s interesting to know a tool like this even exists. Perhaps this article can in some way add to the knowledge of this week’s upcoming lectures.


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