New Oracle MySQL Migration Tool

by Allen D
Oracle has offered a new tool that allows the users to migrate data from the SQL Server it’s a MySQL database. The tool allows for applications written on the server to be easily tweaked into the database. Additionally, Oracle has offered a new plug-in tool that gives users with no experience on MySQL to work with MySQL data inside Microsoft Excel. With these new tools, Oracle announced that companies can save up to 90% less total costs of ownership by using the new MySQL tools compared to using the traditional SQL Server. Oracle’s efforts to implement migration programs had been a fixed tradition in the software industry for quite some time. Competitors such as EnterpriseDB had also been producing compatible software to Oracle’s SQL flagship database. Companies such as Oracle and EnterpriseDB are very enthusiastic and eager to increase their database market share into corporate IT. Their strategies are not only focused on generating software license revenues and subscription contracts but also to create new environments that enable them to sell compatible applications and other tools.

I chose this article because I found it interesting to know how company giants such as Oracle increase demand in their industry. As we’re going to learn about MySQL this week, it’s not only important to understand the software functions but also the motives behind the vendor companies when it comes to presenting new product lines. As companies such as Oracle and EnterpriseDB continue to compete with each other, there will continuously be new add-on tools that change the SQL environment. How SQL functions now may not be the same a couple years down the road.


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  • November 6, 2012 at 3:08 am

    Oracle is a big company that has come out with many useful programs for its consumers. I thought it was very interesting that Oracle came out with a plug-in that lets users work on MySQL inside Microsoft Excel. This allows for people that have no experience with MySQL a chance to still use it. This is just one of the examples of how a corporate giant, Oracle, is able to cater to its consumer’s needs and provide them with a solution to some of their problems.

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