New Programming Language – Dart{5}

In the article “Google Reveals Dart, New Open-Source Programming Language” written by Jill Duffy from PcMag, the author talks about the new open-sourced programming language developed by Google – Dart. Dart “is a class-based programming language used to create structured Web applications.” Dart is an improvement upon the JavaScript. The main goals of Dart is

structured yet flexible language for web programming

– familiar and natural to learn

– deliver high performance on all modern Web browsers and environments, regardless of size

I choose this article because this week we learn about different types of languages used for database web development and I think that upon knowing the current available programming language, we should be keep update with the new one as well.


example of dart code  (from

import 'dart:html'; 
main() { 
var msg = query('#msg'); 
var btn = new ButtonElement(); 
btn.text = 'Click me!'; => msg.text = 'Dart!');