New Software Development for SQL – Splice SQL Engine{1}

In the article “Splice Machine Secures Funding to Develop the Splice SQL Engine,” the author talks about the new software development for SQL called the Spice SQL engine. A lot of businesses today turn to Big Data or NoSQL nowadays because of the overwhelmed data they have to handle with. However, the authors argue that it is a mistake to eliminate SQL. Turning to Big Data or NoSQL is also at a high cost because we have to train people how to use it and rewrite existing application/reports. With the new Splice SQL engine, it enable users to build a hyper-personalized web, mobile and social application with the knowledge they already have with SQL and SQL tools available on the marketplace.

I choose this article because we learning about SQL now and there are people said that we are moving forward to NoSQL for most businesses, I think it is till valuable for us to learn SQL because while people moving to NoSQL, they still need people with SQL to deal with their old RDBMS.


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