New Software for Big Data Analytics

by Renee L
In his article “New GigaSpaces Release Promises ‘Big Data’ Analytics in Real Time,” Mark Brunelli talks about the latest software from GigaSpaces Technologies, that gives users the ability to build their own real-time big data analytics platforms. ¬†GigaSpaces Technologies is the leading provider of a new generation of application platforms for Java and .net environments, and provides scaling solutions and cloud enabling technologies. Big data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of structured and semi-structured data (big data), and its goal is to help organizations make better decisions while analyzing huge amounts of data. GigaSpaces new software called XAP 9.0 allows users to create and launch high-performance real-time analytics systems for applications that are processing large amounts of data sets. According to GigaSpaces, XAP 9.0 was created to help reliability and scalability issues when dealing with other big data technologies in real time, such as Hadoop. Some of the great features that XAP 9.0 offers are real-time streaming data processing, parallel processing, fine grained data compression, reduced memory footprint and the ability to integrate with databases, such as Hbase, Cassandra, and MongoDB. XAP 9.0 also supports cloud environments by allowing users to run applications on public or private clouds, and offers scaling, which reduces the cost of running big data applications.

This article relates to the database application development lecture and the types of architectures in data applications. The type of architecture that XAP 9.0 provides the same benefits of a three-tier architecture, which are scalability, technological flexibility, long-term cost reduction, etc. In addition, the article also talks about dealing with big data, which is defined as managing huge amounts of structured and semi-structured data.

This article was interesting to me because today, big data is becoming more popular than ever, and therefore, companies are focusing on ways for effectively analyzing big data for better decision-making. Personally, I have never heard of GigaSpace Technologies and, therefore, it is nice to know more and read about new softwares or releases that technologies, these days, are developing for more effective database use.


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    With more and more data being generated everyday, I believe marketing companies are going to be using software like this to find and create patterns with your habits and hobbies to know what type of products they should market to each user.

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