New Software… New Possibilities?{2}

by Evin C
Having only been working on Microsft SQL Server R2 2008, we have very limited exposure to other types of software available to users. The article I have chosen is actually bringing new software to us in the form of Microsft SQL Server 2012. Global Knowledge, a worldwide leader in IT and business training, recently announced in February that they will be offering five training courses for Microsft SQL Server 2012. In the five-day long courses, “students will work with the beta version of pre-released SQL Sefver 2012 software and complete many SQL Azure-enabled lab exercises.” These students will be gaining the know-how to maintain a SQL Server 2012 database, including certain backup strategies, collaboration with SQL Server Agent and even some troubleshooting methods. The opportunity to go to these courses will give you the ability to master querying and basic design with this new database software. Considering it is still in the beta, there is a still a long way to go before full implementation.

I feel this relates to our course material directly. Considering our work with SQL Server R2 2008, this new update could prove very useful to us as students, or even our professors, in the future. Just looking at the surface, it seems this new SQL Server will be advancing some of the programs already existing attributes and hopefully improving them all around. With luck, the program will be even easier for us to use and impelement within our courses or even in our future careers. We will see soon enough!


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