New SQL-based stand-alone cloud based database{Comments Off on New SQL-based stand-alone cloud based database}

by Ahlyzik M

With cloud computing taking over the industry, the amount of efficiency and reliability with organizations has increased. has released a stand-alone product built in the cloud that gives developers access to the cloud platform of their choice. This ultimately gives more flexibility to the developers when they are developing a database application either in house or on the web. The new cloud product has a database failure system the replicates the data across multiple data centers across the nation. Though this is done already, this practice is only done by organizations, where this is now giving the sole user the ability to make their data safe and secure in the cloud.


Users of this product will benefit themselves, their organization or both. With this newfound ability of flexibility, I think we will begin to see more dynamically driven content on web services now that the reliability of these technologies are becoming the industry standard. These types of technologies empower the user to develop their own databases because when people are limited in their choices, their ability to create something great is limited as well.



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