New update to DB2 after 4 years{Comments Off on New update to DB2 after 4 years}

by Robert Q

This article “IBM releases DB2 Version 10, the First Big Upgrade in Four Years” by Joab Jackson, explain that IBM have finally decided to update their database software after 4 years. After director of strategy and marketing for database systems recognize that data management is coming into a new era and better software is require in this new era of data management. The article continues on describing what the new software from IBM can do. Some of the improving features in DB2 includes being able to supoort RDF and how RDF stores data in the database. Some other features that was added was the flexible for administrators to designate specific storage devices for certain type of data. The meaning of this feature is that administrators are able to place data that needs to be accessed quickly in space that have faster drive speed, while data that doesn’t need to be accessed fast will be placed in slower drives. Also the software update allows both DB2 and InfoSphere to increase the compression of data by up to 20%. Another feature that was added in this update was a feature called time travel, where users are able to examine data at any given time. Both DB2 and InfoSphere are shaping into better software from this new and needed update.

It would seem that IBM is taking the right step by updating their data management software. The new era of data management would seem to be moving fast. Companies like IBM need to improve their software for data management quickly or else their will be other companies that will take over the data management software business. It should not take a company like IBM 4 years to update a software.

All of the features that was added in the new update seem to be in the right direction, however I feel that other companies that already done these type of updates to their software. IBM have to create a business that provide better support after the purchase of their software. If a user have to wait 4 years for an update that needed to be done years ago, then the user should just switch software company. Even if IBM software is saving them money by charging the user less for the software, the user will be left behind by better software that are coming out with better features. I think that user have to stay up to date on all software and consider which software will provide them with the highest benefit and lowest cost.

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