No More Data Modeling?{4}

by Renee L
With more advanced and faster database technologies, some people say that there is no need for data modeling. In addition, organizations with agile development environments do not use data modeling. In fact, data modeling is not even mentioned at all. However, data modeling expert and consultant, Len Silverston, argues that it is more important to use data modeling now than ever. The purpose of data modeling is to understand the data requirements, build a foundation for the design, and allow data to be integrated. Therefore, if organizations do not have a data model, how are they going to understand the data and foundation of the database/business? Silverston also recommends that modeling techniques should be applied to agile development environments because things are happening so quickly. Thus, modeling would be perfect for agile development because it focuses on delivering solutions quickly. A data model can help produce things more quickly and prevent from making a mess because people will understand how everything fits together and the specific data requirements and design of the database.

This article relates to the importance of data modeling discussed in the second week of class. As shown in class, a data model, such as the E-R Model, allows us to see both the big picture and specific details of the organization. It also shows us the business rules of the organization.

I enjoyed reading this article. It made me think about the future of the database technologies and what may happen to old-fashioned techniques like data modeling. I’m now more curious of how advanced our technologies will go.

Source: Brunelli, M. B. (2010). Are data modeling techniques becoming obsolete?. SearchDataManagement, Retrieved from