Big Data joined by Nodeable{1}

by Rudy P
I chose to read the article, “Twitter’s Open Source Big Data Tool Comes to the Cloud Courtesy of Nodeable” by Klint Finley. This article gives details of a new Big Data analysis software by Nodeable called StreamReduce. This software is based on a software created by a Twitter owned company called storm. Finley goes on to state, “StreamReduce is essentially Storm hosted in the cloud, with a few extras such as connectors to Apache Hadoop” (Finley, 2012). Nodeable began as a company which developed software for both data management and analysis, however due to market demand they have shifted their attention to analysis. Nodeable is joining an increasingly competitive market where companies such as HStreaming already exists, and possible companies such as Amazon may join in the near future.

I chose this article because it deal with the market of data, and data analysis. In class we have discussed how important it is for companies to collect and manage data, however it may be just as important if not more important for a company to analyze said data. Without the proper analysis and processing of the data, it may not be very helpful to the company at all. The data must be turned into the proper information so different departments such as the marketing department can make use of the data.

This article is also very interesting to me because the software is gaining much attention due to the fact it is cloud based. Cloud computing is the way of the future however, it is still a hot subject within some companies because of the question marks in security surrounding it. Perhaps with the success of Nodeables product it will be an eye opener to some companies that are skeptical of the cloud.

Finley, K. (2012,  July 18) .Twitter’s Open Source Big Data Tool Comes to the Cloud Courtesy of Nodeable. Retrived from techcrunch: