NoSQL and Data Warehouses{1}

by Tuyen H

 In the article “Stonebraker on NoSQL and Enterprises,” Michael Stonebraker writes about why many enterprise’s users are lacking interested on NoSQL. First, enterprises usually own and manage a huge database, so they do not want to make a big chance.  He says, “The vast majority of his company’s applications are classifiable as online transaction processing (OLTP) where there are frequent small updates to a database of structured records or data warehouses/data marts that assemble historical business data for ad hoc query by analysts.” In addition, most of NoSQL product uses the algorithmic record-at-a-time interfaces which are not interested by enterprise data warehouse companies.  Moreover, standard is very importance in data warehouse, but NoSQL usually is lacking of standard “NoSQL means no standards.”

This article related to our class topic because it talks about NoSQL DBMSs and Data Warehouse which is our last week topic. Although the author only talks about the negative side of NoSQL DBMS, this article points out the weaknesses of NoSQL so vendors who make NoSQL DBMS need to overcome.

In my opinion, although NoSQL has many advantages, it is depends to what job need to be done, so we need to choose the correct tool for it. With Data Warehouse we need to have a standard for our database. Relational database and SQL work well with Data Warehouse, so why we need to change to a unappreciated tool NoSQL?

Stonebraker, M. Stonebraker on NoSQL and Enterprises. (2011). Communications of the ACM, 54(8), 10-11. doi:10.1145/1978542.1978565