NoSQL database service{Comments Off on NoSQL database service}

by Abel R
In an article posted on titled ” Amazon goes back to the future with NoSQL database”, Author Caleb Garling explains what “NoSQL” is used for and why Amazon is a key player using this type of database versus others. “NoSQL” is a type of database management which is known for its use with unstructured information. Garling talks about DynamoDB, an Amazon Web Service that is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability ( Most important is its scalability which enables its subscribers to scale up or scale down your use of DynamoDB with ease and you only pay what you use.


I was interested in this article because it brings to light an alternative database management system. What i did not like about this article was that the author did not explain the pros and cons compared to other DBMS and did not really explain its use in a real business application.



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