NoSQL !? What do you mean no sql.{3}

by Quoc L
What is NoSQL? Might be the first question that pop into your head. you might think it was created to poke fun of SQL. It however mean nothing like the above statement but a new type of SQL. NoSQL was first coined in 1998 by Carlo Strozzi  as a different form of database. NoSQL actually mean Not Only SQL  which is similar yet different to SQL in many way such as data storage, interconnection of data, and it structure. Huge companies, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon use NoSQL to help manage their rapidly expanding database.

NoSQL was create from the needs to fulfill all the problem that arise because of internet popularly;  scaling according to the database growth is one such example. In 2006, the world digital data was measure at 161 Exabyte(1 Exabyte equal to 1 billion gigabyte). Four year later the world digital data measure to be 1000 Exabyte, a 500% increase over 2006 statistic. The need for data to be better connected to each other, were as blog have tags to connect all related data to each other.  Another problem that arise was how complex the traditional rational database management software become when massive amount of data is used. With NoSQL User can easily nest hierarchical data structure without a performances drop because it the complexity of such structure.

NOSQL is compose of 4 catogories; key-value stores, column family stores, document databases, graph databases. Key-value store is when the database it use hash table and unique key to point to a particular data. Column Family Stores, data is store in column which use unique key to point related data. Document Database is use document to collect key-value  collections. lastly graph database use  nodes  to connect all it data together. it use a graph instead of table to store information.

I find this to be every interesting how there different way to store information. originally I though everything have to in database and only use SQL. The idea and usage of NoSQL is contradictory my original though however it should be note that NoSQL does not replace SQL but to be use in addition to SQL. It just show how much one person can learn about a topic.


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