Not so Sweet for Team Meat{2}

by Kevin Q

Image of Super Meat Boy showing expression of fright.

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My article is on an event that took place last December. It involves a Video Game Developer know as Team Meat and their PC version of the game Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy is a single player game that tests peoples platforming skills(think Mario Brothers on Crack) and allows users to compete and place on leader boards for best times and earn achievements for completing insanely hard levels. Last December a user reportedly tried to notify Team Meat that their MySQL servers were not secure via Twitter. The users concerns were brushed off by Team Meat saying, “Trust me. It’s fine. I’ve done this stuff for awhile now.” Later that day their game was attacked by the users known as Anonymous. Leader boards became unstable, people couldn’t upload their data to the Team Meat SQL servers, and worst of all levels had their title names changed to write out not so nice sentences to the developer Team Meat. One sentence read across multiple levels reads, “This is why you don’t connect to a remote MySQL Database in your game.” Team Meat still tried to brush this event off as not being a security hole, but the fact that other paying users were strongly affected by this shows bad professionalism on their part.

I found this to be relevant because this actually had and affect on me Last December. I remember being a bit frustrated in not being able to play the certain levels that were affected by the intrusion. It’s related to class because we are now going over how to use SQL in our project and in class so it’s interesting to see that bridge from class and to one of my personal hobbies. Overall though, I think that Team Meat should have been a lot more professional and actually listened to the concerns of the user that tried to help them in the beginning. Instead they ignored it and were made into fools in front of the internet.



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