On-Demand Database Service{Comments Off on On-Demand Database Service}

by Alexander V

Amazon Web Services started a pay-by-the-hour service for Oracle databases that will compete with Microsoft SQL Azure. Both these services are cloud services. The name of Amazon’s new pay by the hour service is Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and it will be available licensing models. One licensing model allows you to use a license that you already own and the other model allows you to buy a license from Amazon. “The new service will likely appeal to Oracle database developers, letting them spin up and down instances as needed and scale to required capacity.” Both models sold by Amazon provide the same features which allow users to do common database administration work such as backup and software patching. RDS is offered in “five database instance classes,” each meeting different levels of needs. The fees for RDS  are $0.11 to $3.40 per hour and “discounts up to 48% are available with one-time, up-front payments for one-year and three-year terms.”


I think this is a pretty interesting idea. I like the idea of paying for only the capacity that you are using. Since Amazon RDS is compatible with MySQL and Oracle database, an existing database can easily be migrated to the cloud. I also think it is pretty cost-efficient that all the tools, application, and code used with your current database is compatible with Amazon RDS. The most beneficial things Amazon RDS bring are probably the ability to scale the size of your database/storage capacity and the fees are based on what you are using. In addition to that, it also manages some database administration tasks. As for how Amazon RDS competes with Microsoft SQL Azure, I cannot comment on that. The article provided a minimal amount of information in relation to Microsoft SQL Azure.


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