One in Five U.S. Adults go Old School over the use of the Internet{5}

by Shaleen S
While the internet has revolutionized the way people interact with the world, there are still one in five U.S. adults who do not use the internet at all. One of the main reason for not using the internet was that they didn’t have a need to do so. Things such as Facebook, YouTube, email etc. were felt irrelevant to those non users. The reason to support this thinking was that they were able to do everything they wanted to do, so there was no reason for paying those extra bucks for an internet service. The next most likely reason was that those people don’t own a computer or a laptop, and don’t have the money to afford one. And since they don’t have the gadget why bother with the internet.

It will be interesting to know that what type of people fall into this category. As per the research, 59% of them were senior citizens. Also, almost 60% of the people who did not complete high school don’t use the internet. But the most intriguing one was that households under the income of $30,000 do not go online. Out of the people with disabilities, 54% don’t use the internet since it interferes with the daily activities of their routine, and will slow them down even more.

The most convenient, and very common way to access the internet is the use of broadband. But as per the statistics, a surprising 40% of U.S. adults don’t have broadband at home. And that percentage is increasing slowly as we speak. There was a drop of 4% from 66% in May 2010 to 62% in April 2011.

Invention of smartphones have also led to the decline on no internet or no broadband at homes. Most of the minorities, people with no college experience, and young adults said that there main source of the internet was their mobile devices. Having the internet on the mobile devices, made those people more enthusiastic to stick to the internet on their device and more adamant to not to take a connection at home. The newer smartphones that come with full HTML browsing already have lot of features that enables these users to create, store, and share content. And few of them have larger screens too which makes it more fun.

I know that ill be qualm if i don’t have access to the internet at home. It was really interesting to know that a good amount of people actually don’t have a connection at home, or prefer to not to use internet at all!



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