Online Registration for Voting in California{2}

by Joe C

Eleven states have finally approved to allow online voter registration. Digital technology comes really slowly to many offline institutions such as the voting registration process. Within the past few weeks, our governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to legalize the authorization of voter registration online. It is also known that California had a previous voter registration database, however users could not complete the registration process fully online. It required residents to first fill out forms online, but then later print out the forms and send it to a physical office to approve. The author bashes the state saying how California is one of the most high-tech states yet it was unable to develop a simple online registration process until now. In 2010 more than 39% of California residents (9 million people) did not register to vote. With this new law, Californians can just register online and the county election office will validate the voter by comparing signatures with DMV records. Hopefully with this new system in place, more people will choose to vote.



It has finally reached the technology age where we will change from voting at poll booths to an online form. I feel like this change is very elementary and should have occured a long time ago, but I guess there were just too many small obstacles stopping them. At the same time, I am glad they are finally making the change. There are so many more potential voters, but I believe they are just too lazy. By simplifying this process and eliminating the need to drive out or mail out forms, I believe many more people will take the initiative to vote just right in front of their computers.
The way this voting database works is each Californian resident will register online by filling out registration forms. These databases will hold each users’ personal information, in the form of attributes (such as name, address, telephone #, etc.) In addition, there will be many subdivisions of servers for each city, as you would need a very big server to hold all of these millions of citizens’ info. Of course when looking at it all in the end, it will be through one central view will will look at the voting results/vote attributes every year.



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