OpenStack Makes PrimeTime with Rackspace Cloud{1}

by Miguel V
The article I chose to talk about this week is called ” With Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack Goes PrimeTime.” In this article the author Charles Babcock talks about Rackspace’s annoucing that OpenStack will be used as the basis for its RackSpace Cloud Service after they have rolled out new networking, monitoring and database services. The announcement was made at the end of the OpenStack Design Summit in San Francisco Monday after Citrix Systems, a rival to CloudStack, was established with the apache software foundation. Rackspace is planning on phasing Openstack for a limtied numebr of users throught the second quarter and will make its OpenStack-based services generally available in the third quarter.”Rackspace has complete confidence in OpenStack’s Swift Storage system, based on CloudFiles, an object-based file system that Rackspace produced to operate its own service. Swift stores large combinations of text and image in large blobs or binary large objects.” Rackspace Cloud will also be implementing NASA’s Nova server provisioning system for the cloud. Not only is Rackspace moving its basic compute and storage services to OpenStack, it’s chosen the period of transition as the right time to launch additional cloud services like Cloud Networks, Cloud Databases, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud monitoring and Cloud Control Panel.

I like this article because I believe in the mission of the OpenStack project where any organization is able to create and offer cloud comptuing servies running on stand hardware. Having this Cloud Tool can great benefit to companies that have employees traveling all over the world, because it allows them to access data and software from any point of the world.

Babcock, C. (2012). With rackspace cloud, OpenStack goes primetime. Informationweek – Online, , n/a.