Optimizing SQL{2}

The article I picked this week is titled “Improving SQL Server Performance” by Victor Vladucu and Nicolae Mercioiu. The article starts off by saying that in some cases efficiency and performance are neglected until the end of the development process. They only become important once the system starts being used in the real world. The article says that this could be caused by anything from the design of the database to bad management of the system. The author says that when trying to optimize performance you should aim for “good enough” instead of trying to aim for the theoretical maximum. In the second part of the article they talks about the importance of using indexed locations to speed up queries along with a few other measures to keep performance at its peak. The third part of the article talks about query optimization.  It gives some examples of how to structure queries and what to avoid.  The article offers a couple of different ways to change your queries to optimize them, but they removed the actual queries from the article. The fourth part of the article deals with what it calls “new optimizing options” for SQL server 2008. The article ends by rounding out the optimization process and that it is iterative in nature.

I picked this article because it talked about SQL and optimizing SQL queries. I thought it would be a good article to blog about because we just started to talk about SQL in class. However, the database that I pulled the article from removed some of the content which made the article significantly harder to read without all of the information that should have been there.

I thought it was an interesting article because it was related to the topic we started discussing it in class. However, because of the missing information I feel as though the article has lost some of the value it could have had if it had remained unchanged.


Mercioiu, N., & Vladucu, V. (2010). Improving SQL Server Performance. Informatica Economica, 55-60.