Oracle: Accruing Virtue

by Miguel V
The article I chose to talk about this week is called “Oracle Buys Virtue to Add Cloud Social Marketing to App Portfolio” written by Robert J. Mullins. He talks about Oracles annoucement on May 23 where they annouce their “plans to acquire Virtue, a cloud-based social marketing company that helps customers create, publish, moderate, manage, measure and report on their social mareting campaigns.” Oracle plans on creating the most advanced and comprehensive social relationship platform by combining Virutal with it’s existing sales, service, commerce and social data managemetn and anaylistics capabilities. Oracle says that this new combination “is expected to help organizations develop more meanining ful customer engagements with consistent brand experiences, improve their return on investment across multiple channels and social media, and enhance customer service through real-time responsiveness to their communicaiton with companies” Since accords to comScore “social media sites now reach 82% of the world’s online population” marketing departments have relized that it’s an effective way to engage with the millions of members on these sites. Virtue already provides social networking services for businesses and manages 1.3 billion social interactions for 500 different brands.

I think this new acquisition is gonna be a great thing for Oracle. With so much of the general public join social media website like FaceBook and Twitter their is plenty of opportunity for companies to reach out to new customers that normally wouldn’t have the chance. FaceBook itself already has over 3.2 million business pages so clearly companies are making a move into this area.This ties in to what we are leaving in class dealing with large databases.

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