Oracle CEO Talks About What’s To Come{2}

by Asbed P
On Sunday October 2nd, CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison, talked about the future of the company during Oracle’s OpenWorld 2011 conference.  He started off by mentioning to the crowd that just because they bought Sun doesn’t mean they were going to stop producing hardware.  He even made a joke about it saying “I guess we didn’t get the memo.”  He then began describing Apple’s business model of developing hardware and software together and used them as an example of what he wants Oracle to become.  Instead of having different companies designing and developing different parts of their machines, he wants everything to be done by them so that it can flow together better. Later on he also began unveiling all the new hardware Oracle has been working on including the Exalogic system which is composed of high end hardware and the Exalogic Elastic Cloud software.  Ellison says Oracle has designed this system to beat out IBM’s P series in performance and pricing.  He also revealed a slew of other hardware and software that will be released soon.


Ever since Oracle bought Sun they have been going through a rough patch.  During this years OpenWorld Ellison compared Oracle’s latest hardware to IBM and showed where they are headed and convinced people to not loose hope.  Although many people did not like the keynote address, a lot of important things were covered, including the statement that they will design and develop both their software and hardware together and therefore optimize their performance, using Apple as an example on how that is important and how well it will work.


The new Exalogic system unveiling was also very important as it is Oracles answer to IBM’s P series in terms of performance and competitive pricing.  It seems like it will be an interesting few years for Oracle, to say the least.  If they can follow Apple’s business model successfully and actually have their systems perform better because of it, they can regain their standing among the great once again.


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Oracle Modeling Itself on Apple?