Oracle, Keeping MySQL Users Happy{2}

by Jongwoo Y
In 2010, Oracle went through with the buyout of Sun Microsystems, a company that was very popular for their open source applications such as MySQL and OpenOffice, for 7.3 billion dollars. During that time, MySQL users were outraged at the fact that Oracle would now have control over their open source products, especially since at the time, Oracle seemed to be hostile towards the idea of OpenSource technology (Pallato, 2011). However, contrary to popular belief, Oracle has actually treated their newly acquired product as a completely different line and have continuously updated their newly obtained OpenSource database management tool just as diligently as their own Oracle Database Management system. The biggest news that has come out recently is that Oracle has released an update for MySQL 5.5 that gives users of that program the same access to the 24/7 online technical support environment as the Oracle database (Pallato, 2012). This is huge because users of the free database software are able to receive the same professional support that many fortune 500 companies receive from Oracle. Oracle has taken a huge step forward with this new development in their customer service area due to the fact that thousands of users of MySQL are thrilled with the decision that Oracle has made. Though many people did not like the fact that Oracle had taken over their open source database application, Oracle is slowly, but surely showing these users that it was a step in the right direction.

Oracle’s PR department and higher ups have done a great job with this decision. It has definitely made their product more popular among users of MySQL and has brought a lot of positive limelight to their company. By offering the same customer support for their MySQL and Oracle Database users, Oracle will be able to slowly, but surely lure customers from the free database management application to their own paid application. Hopefully Oracle can continue to keep their MySQL users happy during the time being.

This article is interesting in that a company as prosperous as Oracle is actually making users of a product line that is completely free happy and satisfied. MySQL is one of the most popular programs that is used for database management. A huge factor is that it is a free program that is constantly updated by fellow users of the community. This allows for quick updates and a sense of community for users as the people that provide the updates are fellow peers. I find it very intriguing that Oracle would buy a Sun Microsystems for 7.3 billion dollars. I do not understand why they would spend so much money to own a product that they are unable to charge anything for. This move is definitely a huge risk by Oracle, but I’m sure they know what they’re doing; especially compared to my decision making.


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