Oracle Knows NoSQL{3}

by Ermie C
Joab Jackson article is about the Oracle’s launching of NoSQL database.  The software is now available for download on their Oracle website and the reason for them doing this is that they want to respond to the many creations of database tools over the years.  Now, with the development at it’s end, they will be providing it to the community.  In their community of Oracle users, they say that the implementation would help the databases of Oracle users.  It would take the non-important tasks and create a separate database for that type of information.  With this new invention, it would help decrease crashes because that was one of their problems.  NoSQL is based of the Java version created in Berkeley and it is using a very simple Key-Value data model that simplifies the input of data.  With these multiple records that could inputted into the database, NoSQL has made it a lot more flexible in order to keep load-balance at a consistent speed.  Oracle has recently been providing it for free as a community edition, but for more features, there will be paid editions in order to access those features.

This is a very interesting article because I have never really read up on NoSQL.  I know that it was there, but it always show the things that are featured in this new type of database.  I mean there’s many things like SQL server, and Google Cloud SQL and this market of new database is steadily growing.    This new key value data model does make it seem more simple to input data because it shows how simple things can be for data input and database management.

This is incorporated in our class because I did an article before about Google Cloud SQL and I would like to know the differences.  They both seem very similar, however, Google’s version is just on the cloud.  This just shows us that the market of new database tools are growing and that it’s a market on the type of efficiency that these tools can provide.  Oracle has been heavily used by Cal Poly and maybe they can incorporate this NoSQL into the databases of the school.



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