Oracle talks about Fusion Applications and their new Public Cloud{2}

by Asbed P
Like I mentioned last week, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s CEO, announced many new products during Oracle’s OpenWorld conference’s opening Keynote including applications, database software, a new public cloud, and hardware for both databases and analytics.  In the following days Ellison went into greater detail about their new Fusion Applications and also talked about the new Oracle Public Cloud and why it’s going to be one of the better clouds available in the market.  First of all, Ellison announced the general availability of Oracle Fusion Applications, which includes many new tools, and talked about how it will modernize existing applications like PeopleSoft, Seibel, Hyperion, and their own E-Business Suite.  Ellison said the result is over 100 products “all rewritten on top of modern technology” during the past six years.  He also revealed that these applications are designed to run either on local servers or in the cloud.  He also mentions that the platform will run industry standard middleware and languages, specifically Java and BPEL, and that Oracle has built their security into the Middleware and not the applications allowing all applications to run securely including customer made apps or extensions to basic Oracle apps.  The cloud that these apps will run on is called the Oracle Public Cloud, which is built on industry standards and can work with other clouds and local data centers.  The cloud has layers of databases, Java, data, and security services with the apps, once again including custer made apps and extensions.


I Think Oracle is headed in the right direction.  With this new info on their Fusion Applications and Public Cloud, they can expect many people to be excited about it.  I know for sure I am.  The fact that applications like PeopleSoft, which our school uses, and other similar applications are being remade and rewritten by Oracle is something very exciting seeing as it doesn’t always work the way it should.  Also these applications will be available on either local servers or on a cloud on the fly and Oracle giving the option to their consumers makes this a great advantage.


The new Oracle Public Cloud sounds amazing as well.  The fact that it is not tied down to Oracle and is “mobile” if you will, allowing you to change the location of it from your own servers to Oracle servers or even to other company’s servers if you want to.  The fact that Oracle is giving you that ability is great seeing as sometimes clouds are tied to the company you purchase the service from.  I think overall The OpenWorld Conference was a success even if it had its ups and downs.  Ellison was successful in showing off whats to come and in keeping people excited and tuned in to Oracle waiting for further news.


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