Oracle Using NoSQL{2}

by Robert D
Oracle is likely to unveil their noSQL servers next week. Oracle produces popular database software, but is one of the later adopters of the noSQL movement. The problem with SQL is that a database that incorporates its use are less flexible and also run slower; naturally, databases have been migrating to other tools. For Oracle, this tool is Memcaching: caching technology that creates hash tables of similar database items. Oracle is looking to use this along with SQL in order to provide faster databases while maintaining their usability.


Oracle software is popular software. When Oracle changes, you can expect the database world to change. We may very well be seeing more uses of noSQL following this. And any positive changes we see in Oracle’s software will ultimately lead to more reliable and speedy databases.

For anyone who has been with Cal Poly for long enough, you can probably remember all the problems our servers have had with Oracle. A few years ago, it was common for BroncoDirect to shut down for a couple of days at a time when a new quarter was starting. In this sense, a faster database is a more reliable database. It’s important to have the speed to adapt to situations like this; I personally could have managed my classes better, had the Cal Poly servers not been so faulty. I look forward to their improved usability in the future.
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