Oracle’s NoSQL{1}

by Asbed P
During last month’s OpenWorld conference, Oracle announced a slew of new technologies along with their much anticipated NoSQL database.  Finally the Oracle NoSQL is released and will also be included in Oracle’s Big Data Appliance, which will ship during the first three months of this coming year.  Oracle says their NoSQL database is targeted towards “customers who are acquiring massive amounts of data who are unsure about the schema, who want more fluid capture of the data,” says Marie-Anne Neimat, the vice president of Oracle’s database development.  The database is a Java version of the Berkeley database, which is an open source database developed by UC Berkeley that is commonly used in embedded systems.  Although NoSQL can’t do highly structured queries like other SQL based datases could, the database doesn’t require a fixed schema, so users can add new information as columns as the need rises.

Although there are many databases already present, it’s always important to have a choice in which one to go with.  A lot of companies and organizations already use Oracle systems and product for various reasons so having a NoSQL database by Oracle would probably benefit those people more than a database made by a different company.  The fact that the database isnt as highly sophisticated as most other SQL relational databases is both Oracles positive and negative side.

Although NoSQL allows organizations or its users the ability to add new columns of information and such, the ability to do so also denies it the ability to do heavy searches and highly structured queries.  This would be good for storing constantly updated information sure, but the downside of not being able to obtain that information as efficiently as other databases might be it’s downfall. It all comes down to what the organization needs though, and for some, this might just be it.


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