Organization is key……there’s a shocker{1}

by Brian T
It is a well known fact that organization is always beneficial to every task we carry out on a day to day basis. The difference with programming, and more specifically database management systems, is that the importance organization is greatly amplified. After all, that is the established goal of a database, is it not? It is necessary to have an underlying structure which can not only handle mass data, but also use it and move it quickly and accurately upon command.

The article I dug up this week covers this extensively. And by extensively, I mean it is extremely difficult to pose questions to this article because the answer to said question was most likely covered. Alfonso Cardenas authored this paper quite some time ago regarding the successful management utilization of database resources in terms of file structures, types, and methodologies. In addition to discussing the pros and cons of various ones, he also goes so far as to calculate/experiment with retrieval times in queries of the different structures. A full analysis is then given for each including the parameters used.

I must admit, being a student I was not able to entirely absorb all that this phenomenal piece had to offer, but what I am certain of is that it is vital scientific research at a fundamental level which experts will find highly useful. And by experts, I refer to (hopefully) our future selves.



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