PASS is at it again!{Comments Off on PASS is at it again!}

by Evin C
In the beginning of the year I had presented an article about free SQL training via the organization PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server). Now I am bringing you more information on the organization and training they have provided forĀ  the SQL community! PASS has partnered up with DELL and MaximumASP to bring multiple virtual lab environments for the purpose of training in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Sharepoint 2010 and Office 2010 right from the users desktop! These virtual labs have been provided through a website they release when there training occurs (in this case it was These training sessions were brought to the SQL community in 2010, sadly no longer available for today’s users. BUT! Through the consistent trend of PASS and it’s partnering organizations, I believe it would be safe to say to be on the lookout for possible future trainings in SQL Server with the new release of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 on it’s way and all the new exciting features they are going to need to address.

Applying this to our class goes without saying but if you are in need of more SQL training or 1 ust simply curious, I encourage you to be on the lookout and research more into PASS and it’s offerings. Can definitely be a useful tool for those of you interested in pursuing more of the database managament and design field. PASS seems to be a very genuine organization with the vision to help the entire SQL community and further our knowledge of this very program.


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