Placing Money On Big Data

by Rudy P
The article I chose to blog about this week is titled “Why VCs Will Continue to Invest In Big Data Startups For Many Years To Come” by Alex Williams. Mr. Williams first off mentions the great amount of money raised by Splice Machine, MongoHQ, and Bloomreach. All three companies have raised over $4million recently, which Bloomreach leading the way by raising “$25 million in funds for its big data applications” (Williams, 2012). These companies show investors are very interested and believe in the future of big data and the evolution of data infrastructures.  Big data has made so much noise in recent times that Gartner Researched recently published an article stating big data will bring about $232 Billion of spending in IT through 2016. These leaders of big data have much to do with it, due to their easily scalable database design based on NoSQL. The industry as a whole is seeing a shift as the author states, “business intelligence applications, for instance, have started to transition from an OLAP data source in a relational database to a new type of service that connects different data sources from social networks, third-party apps and other sources” (Williams, 2012).

I chose this article because it was a bit of a follow up to the article I blogged about last week, being by the same author. This also seems to be something important to look at as I look for a career in the IT field. With big data growing in popularity quickly, this may be where databases and applications are heading. In searching for articles to blog about I constantly come across NoSQL articles, and being the foundation for new and improved databases shows why it is so prominently mentioned. If this si the bases for currently used applications in industry, I feel it would be important for use to know a big more about it while we are in the classroom.

With this money predicted to be spent in IT in the near future, there seems to be no better time to be in this field. This both excites me because of the opportunity, but also seems that people may be expecting more. As Dr. Zhang has mentioned we must have a passion for the field, and reading an article such as this where a large amount of money enters the playing field is a great thing.

3 thoughts on “Placing Money On Big Data

  • October 21, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    It is amazing how much money is being used to expand and improve database development to handle all of the data being generated in today’s IT infrastructure. I also find it interesting that there is such a huge push towards NoSQL. It shows that there is a large movement to go from structured data to unstructured data in businesses today. It will be interesting to see how far the spending will balloon on these projects past 2016 because the amount of data will only continue to grow.

  • October 21, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    I thought this article was also very interesting on the aspect of big data. Big data is something that is quickly evolving in our digital industry and is something that we cannot ignore. There have been many advances in Big Data and the fact that companies are willing to invest millions into it just shows the importance that it has in society today. I look forward to seeing the future of Big Data and what it will hold for us.

  • October 22, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Thanks for sharing this article. Living in an age where data is multiplying at such an accelerated , it would be very interesting to see the kind of technology that arises in the next couple of decades. The enormous growth of data will forever change technology and our living environments.

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