Portable Databases{6}

I read an article by Michael Miller that talked about FileMaker 12. The article talks about what FileMaker 12 is, its features and why he recommends it. FileMaker is owned by Apple however it works on both Mac and PC. Michael states that FileMaker is one of the easiest databases to work with even though it can do complex work and this is why he recommends it to many small busineses. The latest version added many updates and the main one that he talks about is how it allows you to take your databases with you on your iPhone or iPad. Once a database is created you can download the software for your iPhone or iPad and then use the recently updated touch interface to run reports and edit your databases. The article states that there are other programs out there that may be simpler to use but FileMaker makes the basics fairly easy and allows you to take your database with you which is a cool feature.

I chose this article because as I was looking through the list it caught my eye. I wanted to read about how FileMaker could make a portable database easier. I came to find out that it is a simple iPhone and iPad app that allows the databases to be transported via iTunes, FileServers web server or an email. Even though we have not talked about this in class and it is not a true DBMS I thought it was an interesting article about yet another program that you can use and the fact that it is easy to take your databases with you is an added plus.

Miller, M. (2012, August 8). FileMaker 12 Makes Portable Databases Easier. Retrieved from http://forwardthinking.pcmag.com/none/301292-filemaker-12-makes-portable-databases-easier