Processing Data for Data Warehouses{5}

The article I read was entitled “Research on Data Processing of Bank Credit System” by Guorong Xiao. This article was about the processing of date that happens to populate data warehouses. The author specifically talks about how this process works in the banking system. The steps involved in data processing are data extraction, data transformation, data loading process and the design of a data processing model. The author identifies the most important of this process as being the data processing model. This can be broken down into parts which are data source analysis, estimating the amount of data, data extraction design, data transformation, data cleaning, data loading and finally data validation. All of these processes are needed in order to have a fully functional data warehouse. The author goes to talk about how banks are using data warehouses extensively specifically in regards to credit. Banks can now do more detailed credit analysis of a potential customer with the use of data warehouses.

I found this article extremely interesting and relevant. In class we are talking about data warehousing and this article goes through the full process of creating, designing and the upkeep of a data warehouse. It also talks about the costs and problems that are involved with these processes. The only thing I did not like was that I felt the author could not write English very well. This made the article confusing and hard to read at times. I felt an editor could have been used and this article would have been made a lot better.

I know from personal experience how important data can potentially be. At the company I used to work for we used databases and data warehousing to hold important information about clients. The company was able to predict when clients would be buying more supplies for their machines and accurately predict when they need to create more stock to provide parts for the customers.


Guorong Xiao; , “Research on Data Processing of Bank Credit System,” Communication Systems and Network Technologies (CSNT), 2012 International Conference on , vol., no., pp.905-908, 11-13 May 2012