Pros & Cons of Consolidating SQL Servers{Comments Off on Pros & Cons of Consolidating SQL Servers}

by Wendy O

This week’s article was regarding the consolidation of SQL servers. Many companies, especially non-IT departments find themselves installing their own SQL servers and ultimately end up over-consuming financial, hardware, and administrative resources. Their solution to this becomes the consolidation of their servers. There are many pros and cons when considering any type of consolidation. Cotter breaks down the Pros and Cons to Licensing, Hardware, and Monitoring. He also pin points the issues that pop up such as runaway applications, a wide-spread of downtime, consolidation user accounts and other version-specific problems. Some Pros include cost savings in licensing, and hardware, and monitoring. It also frees up hardware resources for other applications. With fewer servers to maintain, IT resources can be allocated elsewhere. Some Cons include the increase of licensing requirements, increasing hardware resources, issues with upgrading, and server performance will need to be monitored more closely since now one application can affect the performance of all others sharing the server.


I found this article appropriate since we’ve moved into SQL servers in this chapter. Personally I believe that the cons are much greater than the pros when it comes to consolidating sql servers. The most important issue that I came across was with downtime. When you have multiple applications on one server, if one issue occurs on one application and the server needs to be taken down, you are now affecting a widespread of users on an array of applications. The entire company is affected rather than just one department (assuming that the application with the error is department-specific). Even when not looking at such a “severe” issue like taking down the server, one application can be eating up the CPU and degrade other applications. Performance is huge when it comes to keeping a company running smoothly. Time is money, and when something goes down, IT is the first to be blamed. I would definitely steer clear of consolidating servers.


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