Protecting Against Data Breaches{1}

by Alexander V

The article is about Application Security, Inc.’s (AppSecInc) DbProtect Precision DAM (Database Activity Monitoring) software. AppSecInc is a leading provider of database security solutions who introduced their DbProtect Precision DAM software in response to the recent rise in breaches of database security. This software was designed to be low-maintenance and easy to use, addressing the main reason why many organizations do nothing to prevent security breaches—complexity. According to the article, a recent survey conducted at the 2011 Gartner Security &Risk Management Summit found that more than 90% of attendees had high profile breaches similar to Sony and only 23% took preventative measures. In addition to that, the article states that Verizon’s 2010 Data Breach Report showed that 96% of breaches could have been easily avoided. Josh Saul, the CTO of AppleSecInc states that thieves thrive off the inactivity of organizations in preventing data breaches. DbProtect Precision DAM provides efficient and effective monitoring based on user-defined policies such as “reduction in the scope of required database activity monitoring” and “reduced risk of data loss.” The software also “allows organizations to monitor for deviations from normal authorized activity”; examples include monitoring privileged user activities and new avenues of attack.


I thought that the article provided a general view about data security. I found it really surprising that such a large amount of organizations had data breaches similar to that of Sony’s. What was even more surprising was that only 23% of those organizations took preventive measures after the initial breach. I believe that AppleSecInc’s DbProtect Precision DAM software will ease organizations into protecting their data against breaches. The software was designed specifically with business users in mind with the hope that those users will adopt the software. I think that AppSecInc’s CTO had it right when he said that hackers/thieves thrive off the inactivity of organizations. With the introduction of software such as DbProtect Precision DAM, there should be a reduction in the number of data security breaches.


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