Psychic smartphones ???{2}

by Abel R
For this week, I came across an article titled “Your smartphone knows you better than you do” in As a smartphone owner/ user this caught my interest because it involves with how companies can use what I presumed was private information to their advantage. In this article, researchers are studying how smartphones can be used to predict human behavior. Researches have accomplished this by studying patterns of how and when people use their smartphones. This article also reveals how this kind of research can be used in the business world, for example: Wireless carriers can use this data analysis to determine who’s more likely to jump carriers (Cringely, 2011).

This article is a good example of some of the lessons concerning data / information we learned in class. This article shows us real business applications of data and its relevance. Although, it may seem a little invasive, I think this can be a strategic move for any company which can take advantage of such information.

Another keypoint to this article that is worth mentioning is that this type of data analysis can be very accurate and can be very broad as to its uses. Ultimately, this data can be used in many positive ways which is why I believe more research should be done.



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